Welcome to Clear Mind, Happy Heart. I’ve created this blog to discuss my spiritual journey and all I have learned and continue to learn. I hope it can be a source of information to aid others along their path. On here I’ll discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from tarot to buddhism to elder futhark runes and many more.

This isn’t just my journey but all of ours. On this home page you’ll find: links to herbal and crystal shops, spiritual podcasts, and recommended tarot readers and astrologers. You can check out the about page to learn more about me and who I am. To get in touch or request content topics, check out the contact page!


A large part of spirituality is focusing on the inner, shadow self. The negative aspects of ourselves we tend to push deep down until new or stressful circumstances cause these to resurface. For the next month, I’ll be discussing how shadow work is essential to the journey, and how you can seriously get started with it.

Spiritual Podcasts

Lil’ Black Witch

Hosted by Joi & Praxie, this is easily my favorite podcast out there right now. Their energy together makes for interesting conversations, and they cover some important topics such as shadow work, protection, chakras, and much more.

Black Goddess Healing and Manifestation 

This wonderful podcast is by Dr. G who is an actual doctor as well as spiritualist. This one is particularly cool because she has explored the science side of things and how they intertwine with spirituality.

DaGoddess Podcast

Kadi is one of my favorite tarot readers, so I truly enjoy listening to this podcast as she talks about ancestors, protection, manifestation, and so much more!

Tarot Readers and Astrologers

Listed below are some of my personal favorite readers and astrologers, including myself! A few readers not listed below will be listed here! Check out Bria, she’s one of my favorite readers, and you can click this link to book with her! You should also consider checking out Divination Diva for accurate and super in-depth readings. If you’ve been interested in getting a tarot reading or birth chart reading, feel free to check out any of these amazing readers!

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Crystal and Herbal Shops

Whether you’re new to spirituality or just looking for some new shops, look no further! These are some shops I personally recommend to purchase crystals and herbs from. If you click the link here you can find the uses and properties of different herbs and click here to find information about proper crystal care.

Good Juujuu Crystals

This black-owned crystal shop has a wide variety of crystals that come in all shapes and sizes. Seriously they even have snail shaped crystals, so cool!

Chi’s Aura Crystals

Another online crystal shop that offer’s a variety of crystals to choose from!

Eden of Nubian

Check out this lovely young lady’s shop! She sells all sorts of different crystal packs and also sells personal readings on her website, click the link above!

As Above Alchemy

My favorite place to buy herbs from online is this Etsy shop. They offer a wide, and I mean wide, assortment of herbs and salts that can be used in rituals or to smoke. You can select anywhere from 5 to 100 bags of herbs to have sent to your home. Another great bonus is that the shipping is quick, usually sent out within 2 days of ordering!