Welcome to Clear Mind, Happy Heart. I’ve created this blog to discuss my spiritual journey and all I have learned and continue to learn. I hope it can be a source of information to aid others along their path. This isn’t just my journey but all of ours. On this home page you’ll find: links to online herbal and crystal shops, spiritual podcasts, and recommended tarot/intuitive readers. We’ll also have an artist spotlight every week and a featured song of the week that changes every Sunday.

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Herbal and crystal shop recommendations

Whether you’re new into the scene or experienced but struggling to find shops to buy supplies from, look no further! My absolute favorite place to buy herbs from is a little Etsy shop called As Above So Below Alchemy. They offer a wide, and I mean wide, assortment of herbs and salts that can be used in rituals or to smoke. You can select anywhere from 5 to 100 bags of herbs to have sent to your home. Another great bonus is that the shipping is quick, usually sent out within 2 days of ordering! If you’re interested in only smoking herbal blends, check out this website that sells the cutest herbal pre-rolls!

I know it can sometimes be hard to find genuine places to buy crystals, so here’s 3 shops you can get real crystals and crystal jewelry: Chi’s Aura Crystals, Witch’s Way Craft, and AzureNightsCreations. This website here explains the different ways to cleanse crystals, and it’s a good resource.


Have you been looking for podcasts to listen to about spirituality? Look no further as I have put together a list of some of my favorite podcasts covering numerology, manifestation, raising your vibration, etc. Lil’ Black Witch by Joi & Praxie is easily my favorite podcast out there right now. Their energy together makes for interesting conversations, and they cover some important topics like shadow work, protection, chakras, and much more. Black Goddess Healing and Manifestation is a wonderful podcast by Dr. G who is an actual doctor as well as spiritualist. This one is particularly cool because she has explored the science side of things and how they intertwine with spirituality.

My last official podcast recommendation is DaGoddess Podcast. She is one of my favorite tarot readers, so I truly enjoy listening to this podcast as she talks about ancestors, protection, manifestation, and so much more. You might not connect with every podcast recommended here, but I’m sure at least one will intrigue you. A few honorable mentions to try out: The Witch Daily Show, The Word Witch and The Witch Wave. Most if not all podcasts can be found on either Apple podcasts or Spotify.

Looking to get a tarot reading?

I have put together a list of some of my favorite tarot readers. Most of them I have received a reading from. Others I’ve been following and love their vibe and the messages they put out. Before I list these amazing readers, I’d like to say I offer tarot readings and my services and reviews can be found here! The first readers I’m going to list are @ElilyahRose and @MoonbaeGoddess! I had amazing readings from the both of them, and they offer a wide variety of services including past life, angel, ancestor, love readings, and more.

A few more readers that I recommend are @alkimirie, who is a yoga instructor, reiki master, tarot reader, and so much more, and @divinationdiva_ on Twitter is also a reiki master and tarot reader; her services can be found here.

@NolaAngelMedium is another reader who’s messages I enjoy and her services can be found here! @FormosaTarot is a great tarot reader with a smaller following!


Lotus Flower by Lua Maria and Adrian Freedman.