Think Piece: Death

Think Piece: Death

Hello all and welcome back! Sorry, I didn’t get around to posting earlier this week; I’ve just been super busy. Today, I’m uploading a little think-piece on death. I’ll probably post these about once a week or whenever a little thought pops into my head. I talked about this briefly on twitter not too long ago, but today we’re gonna be discussing death. These are just my thoughts about what happens next based on books I’ve read and articles (some of which I will link) and my own experiences with death.

Death makes a lot of people sad and scared, and I used to be one of those people. When my grandmother passed, there were days I would just cry and cry. It hurt knowing that they’re not physically here anymore, even if the soul still lives on. It hurt to seem my mom lost and in pain, and it made me fear for the day I’d lose my mother because I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without her. After my grandmother’s death is when my awakening began, and I’ve changed my opinion and feelings toward death quite a lot.

Death is the big finale we’ve been building up to our entire lives. It is the endless sleep, ultimate nirvana, but only if we’ve learned and achieved all we have to on this physical plane. The human existence we experience as spiritual beings are to help our souls evolve. After death, we’re continually reincarnated as human souls until we’ve lived every kind of life possible. We have to be the abuser and victim; the man and the woman; the poor and the rich, because only then can we understand the true meaning of life and awaken to our highest selves.

There’s a theory that we continue to reincarnate until we become self-aware, only then can we reach nirvana. We may be able to break the cycle of rebirth, but only after we’ve been put through continuous trial and era. When we become self-aware and realize that we are spiritual beings having a human existence, we begin to awaken. Our ultimate goal as spiritual beings is to reach the endless nirvana and end the cycle of reincarnation.

If you enjoyed this little think-piece about reincarnation, check out another piece I enjoyed reading here. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, sending you love and light always!

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