Let’s Talk About Divination!

Let’s Talk About Divination!

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bethany Krause, @occultstrology on Twitter. Bethany is a spiritualist who performs different forms of divination including tarot, scrying (reading a crystal ball), and dream interpretations. She also works with oracle cards and pendulums, which is why I decided to talk with Bethany because I believe readers will get a lot of insight into divination through Bethany’s words! I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did, and that you can learn from this.

Q: How long have you been practicing divination for? What tool did you first use when you began? What’s the newest divination practice you’ve been called to?

BK: Just over a year now! Oracle cards tarot, and recently more scrying (reading a crystal ball) or pendulum for a quick answer.

Q: What first drew you into divination/spirituality? 

BK: Well since I was a little kid we had a metaphysical store in our local town…but I’d always take my mum in there and make her buy me a crystal I every time I went into town with her. So I was just drawn to it; I just always loved talking to trees as well, for as long as I can remember especially when I was at school and I didn’t really have any friends I’ll be the kid that was like outside talking to the school trees in the field yeah and I’ve always liked fairies as well/mushrooms…I did lose touch with it around when I was about 16 to 18 because it wasn’t like “cool”…however last year so in about 2019, when I left uni and everything, I really got back into touch with it I realized how much I loved it all, and I haven’t stopped since I’ve just kept growing and evolving with it and finding new and more things I love it.

Q: How did you get into palm readings?

BK: Honestly, I’ve always been interested in palm readings, I always have posters of it, I’ve always had like model hands (you can get like palmistry hands) since I can remember I’ve always had a couple in my room. So was just kinda like a next step in my learning, I just bought loads of books on it and just been studying it and doing all my friends and family, and it’s just another form of divination that I really enjoy and a lot of people I feel arent as scared of it as tarot and are more open to it and they’re more interested in it so it’s quite fun!

Q: How did you get into dream interpretations?

BK: I just used to have weird dreams so I wanted to know what they meant and why cause they’d recur! I was just interested in it as another side of spirituality/ the subconscious so I again watched youtube, got books and learnt a lot more on it! 

Q: What’s your favorite form of divination, if you had to pick, and why?

BK: Probably tarot/oracle cards, you can’t go wrong with them and they’re reliable! I know so much now about them it’s my go to.

Q: When performing a reading, what would you say is the most challenging aspect of reading for yourself versus for others?

BK: Good question! Honestly, I think getting in the right space to tap into a clients energy and really feel their energy/emotions is challenging cause you never know what it will be like! Also, once you’ve finished a reading for someone is the waiting to see if it was accurate or good!

Q: How do you protect yourself and your energy? For example: do you cleanse your space, or pray, or use protection crystals, etc..?

BK: Personally, I always wear crystal jewellery! As rings, bracelets, necklaces most are protective crystals! Other ways is smoke cleanse with incense…if I’m using my pendulum I say a type of prayer to archangel Michael (one of my guides) to protect me and make sure I’m only talking to him or beings of love and light; I also just trust regardless he is there and always divinely protects me! As well, I have a few evil eyes in my room! Which I’ve had since a baby!

Q: How do you conduct your readings? 

BK: Depends on what you’re after! Usually most of my readings are done by a document or long paragraphed message! Depending on the card spread/topic. There is also video reading offers, which is sent to you by an unlisted youtube link for only you and I to see and go back too! Or a video call which is by Zoom and [we] can talk through it one on one and really get to grips on what guidance/message is coming through for you! Palm and dream interpretations, you pay with how many paragraphs you like so [depends] how in-depth you want it! These are done by a word document and email. Crystal ball/scry can be done by video as well or just as a written reading! I would love to one day have people actually come to me and do it in person! 

Q: What would you tell someone to expect who’s never had a palm or tarot reading before?

BK: I would tell them expect the unexpected, it can be scary if you’re not ready for the answers or guidance. Make sure you really believe in the practice before getting one otherwise you will not trust me and my practice as much as you should and may not get the best out of it! Even if you ask a specific question, spirit or your guides may have other ideas and just give me a reading of a message you need to know/hear! It’s all based on present energy, you have free will so even if what I am saying is true now…depending what you do can change the results! Tarot shouldn’t be used as fortune telling/future telling it should be used as guidance to your best future self/path!

Q: What would you tell someone to expect who’s never had a crystal ball reading before?

BK: Again you have to believe and expect the unexpected! It is draining and you may not get as long or in-depth as a tarot reading cause only certain images can form in a certain time, and I can only hear certain things at a time! If you have a certain topic, then I will try my best to focus on that and see the answers that come but again spirit may have other ideas for what I should tell you! I go into a meditated like state and take what comes to me as a message for you!

Q: What is your favorite kind of reading to give and why (personal advice, love, etc.)?

BK: Hmm I would say healing readings! Cause I like knowing I’ve helped that person, and it means a lot to them.  

Q: How has divination personally helped you?

BK: [It’s helped] me to heal, grow and ascend into a person I never believed was possible.

Q: Do you believe this something you were meant or born to do? 

BK: I would say it’s there for everyone and anyone to tap into, it all depends on your mental space, and if you’re ready to open that door and explore the world in a whole new light… ready for change and for your whole perspective to be flipped. I believe it finds the right people at the right times for whose ready to discover and be!

Q: If there anything else you’d like to add? Anything you’d like to say about tarot, spirituality, or yourself? 

BK: Do your research and double check it all! Books are better than the internet/websites, and just enjoy it! It will be hard, low and shit sometimes but that’s all part of the process. It’s scary as well but it’s worth it, I promise 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this piece, and thank you, again, to Bethany for taking the time to answer my questions! If you’re interested in getting a reading by Bethany, she opens back up for personal readings on January 4th, 2021, so go and check out her services on Twitter!

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